Ordering Instructions

Sun Nurseries is providing a way for our customers to order plants for pickup or delivery. Please see the image below for ordering instructions. There is also a PDF and an Excel file below with our current inventory.

We also carry a full line of accessories to assist you with your planting and gardening needs, as well as a full line of vegetables and bedding plants. A separate file will be available shortly.

If you would like to inquire or order plants and materials, please compose a wish list and email it to contact@sunnurseries.com . We will respond within 48 hours with a quote.

For ordering, please include in your email:
Your information – Last name, Phone number and zip code

  1. Whether the order is for pick up or delivery (if delivery provide address)
  2. Stock no. of item
  3. Category and Description
  4. Size
  5. Price
  6. The quantity you would like
  • If we no longer have the size you indicated, please let us know if you will accept a size substitution
  • If we no longer have the plant you indicated, please let us know if you will accept a suggestion for a substitution
  • List any bedding plants, seeds, soil amendments or fertilizer you may require

If you can edit the Current Inventory (Plant List) Excel sheet then feel free to click the button below, indicate the quantities desired in any empty column, & email it back to us.

Quote Form