If you are not certain if a plant is dead or not, please bring in a picture, branch, stem, or small section for us to check. PLEASE CONTAIN YOUR PLANT SAMPLE IN A SEALED PLASTIC BAG. (Some plant problems can infect other plants. Please help us keep our nursery stock healthy by bagging plant samples.)

Plant material that is planted by our customers receives our full year, half price warranty. If the plant dies within a year, bring it back to us (for large plants, just bring the top 3 feet), and we’ll give you 50% credit toward something new. YOU MUST HAVE PROOF OF PURCHASE.

Plant material installed by Sun Nurseries receives our full year, one time, 100% replacement warranty. If an installed plant dies, please call the nursery to arrange for replacement. Replacement plant material is installed in a timely manner, in coordination with our existing installation schedule.

Annuals, bulbs, indoor plants, plants kept in containers, and items purchased with a wholesale discount do not receive our warranty.


Plant material is not returnable due to the potential for off-site contamination. Other goods are returnable within 30 days with proof of purchase.

Volume Discounts

Any cumulative net purchases of $1,000.00 or more within one season (6 months from the date of the first purchase) receive a 5% discount off all net purchases. Net purchases of $2,000.00 or more receive a 10% discount. Customers must present all original invoices to receive the discount. Only one type of discount is allowed per invoice.

Volume discounts do NOT apply to wholesale purchases or installations.