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Watering Instructions

Immediately after planting

When you've completed the planting process, water your new plants thoroughly. Use an open-ended hose running at moderate pressure - Do not use a sprinkler. A thorough soaking will take from 20 seconds for small plants to 2-3 minutes for larger shrubs and trees. (See the chart below.)

Always check soil moisture before watering. Symptoms for over-watering and under-watering can look similar.

If you have a concern about a plant, take a sturdy stick and push it into the ground next to the rootball to the approximate bottom of the plant's hole. Pull the stick out and look to see if it is extremely wet or dry. (A moisture meter will also work.)

Plants in the ground for one year or less

Water twice weekly with an open-ended hose running at moderate pressure, using the following guide. Grow bag trees should be watered ever other day. If drought conditions exist, water every second day.

SMALL PLANTS (in 1 gal. container)

20 seconds (1/2 gallon)

MEDIUM PLANTS (in 3-7 gal. container)

40 seconds (1 gallon)

LARGE PLANTS (in 15 gal. container and B&B)

2 minutes (3 gallons)

  • Watering wand or spray gun attachments (on a gentle setting) are suitable for use.
  • Using a sprinkler for watering is not recommended. We find that watering by hand is not only better for the plants, but also uses far less water. To see the difference for yourself, place an empty metal can next to each plant that needs to be watered. Note the time and start the sprinkler. When the water is 1" deep in the can, stop the sprinkler and note the time again. If it takes 4 hours for the water level in the can to reach 1", you must run the sprinkler system for 4 hours every time your plants need to be watered.
  • Rainfall (less than 1") should NOT be considered watering.

Established plants (In the ground 2 or more years)

During a hot, dry spell in mid-summer, established plants would benefit from occasional deep watering. Water once or twice weekly, depending on the severity of the weather, using the above chart as a guide.

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