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Planting Instructions

PLEASE CARRY PLANTS BY THEIR CONTAINERS OR ROOT BALL. Carrying plants by their tops or trunks may cause the weight of the soil ball to break the roots from the trunk.

Plants should be watered immediately after their arrival at your home. Until planting, water plants daily. Newly planted material should be watered according to our instructions. (See below.)

Planting Instructions: PLANTS IN CONTAINERS or click here to see video
In our planting instructions, "containers" refers to hard plastic pots. At Sun Nurseries, most container plants are perennials, grasses, roses, shrubs, or small trees.

Planting Instructions: BALL & BURLAP PLANTS
Ball & Burlap (also known as "B&B") plants have roots that are wrapped in burlap and twine and contained in a wire basket. At Sun Nurseries, most B&B plants are larger trees and shrubs.

Planting Instructions: PLANTS IN GROW BAGS
Includes special instructions for planting Leyland Cypress in Grow Bags. Grow Bags are made from a black fiber material, and function as a sort of combination between container and B&B packaging. At Sun Nurseries, most Grow Bag plants are trees.

Planting Instructions: PLANTING IN BEDS
Includes instructions for preparing and planting in beds.

Watering Instructions
All newly installed plants need to be watered regularly. Use this guide to ensure that your plants receive the moisture they require.

Staking Instructions
All Grow Bag plants and most upright trees (container or B&B) over 4 feet tall should be staked. If you're not sure if you should stake your plants, please ask a nursery associate.

Our planting instructions are also available for download as a PDF.
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