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My Garden In The Winter, What To Do?: Tips on pruning, watering, and protection from snow and ice.


I've heard that winter is a good time to prune, is that correct?

Yes, in most cases it is. Shrubs and deciduous trees can be pruned in the winter during dormancy. It's best to wait for most evergreens. It is also a good time to cut back perennials and grasses.

My landscaping was installed last summer. Do I need to water now?

During the winter, most plants are dormant. If it DOES NOT have leaves, it does not need to be watered. Evergreens should continue to be watered, up to the time the ground freezes. It is frozen if you cannot push a shovel (or a stiff stake) into the soil.

Do you mark down your plants during the winter?

Since we are growers, we don't liquidate our stock. We may advertise special values at different times of the year. Check back here or in our print advertisements.

Do my plants need protection from snow and ice?

For the most part, our plant material is hardy in this area for the winter temperatures. Unfortunately, heavy snow and ice can be destructive. The best thing you can do is try to knock off the snow accumulation. Ice is best left to nature to thaw, as removal could result in broken branches.

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